Inside B.A.T. with Joe Whelan

Joe Whelan Photo

I started volunteering for the Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) in late 2012. As a member of the baseball family for over 10 years (5 years on the client side and 5 years at, I have had the privilege to attend the annual B.A.T. fundraising dinner as a guest multiple times throughout the years. After seeing all of the great work they were doing, I wanted to personally get involved as much as I could.

Since 2007, I have been the Chairman of the Jaime Whelan Foundation, an organization my family and I started when my 30-year old sister passed away in a tragic accident. The tremendous success we have had with our Foundation and the humility we have received in helping others was my driving force to joining the B.A.T. team.  I wanted to share and expand upon my fundraising experiences and find another organization where I could contribute and make a difference. What better place to do so then within the baseball family while assisting other members of the baseball community that have been going through some difficult times.

Baseball has always been about teamwork and community. The B.A.T. organization supports fellow team members of baseball both past and present while also contributing to the growth of local communities.  In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast, I was able to see firsthand the impact B.A.T. can have on the baseball community. Not only was my family hit hard by the storm but I had multiple co-workers of mine here at that were severely impacted. B.A.T. was one of the first organizations to assist these co-workers and allow them to start the journey of getting on with their lives despite losing everything in the flooding from Sandy. As a member of the B.A.T. team, I had some of these co-workers thank me personally for helping them get their lives back on track. Little do they know that it was the entire baseball family that helped them get back on their feet. That’s what B.A.T. is all about. It is the baseball family assisting other members of the baseball family in their times of need.

I am honored and privileged to be a small part of the B.A.T. organization that is doing so much for so many.

To make a contribution, please visit

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Proud to work with Joe on 5 at Chelsea Market!

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