Thank You Thursday 4-17-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a former Minor League Umpire.


Thank you for your time, efforts, and kindness to those such as my family in such bad times. You have no idea the impact this makes to my household. I wish this on no one but I’m glad there are people and organizations such as yours to alleviate the financial difficulty these situations present to young families.

God bless you all! & thank you


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Thank You Thursday 3-27-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to your courtesy of a former Minor League Player.


Dear B.A.T.,

I just  want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  Words can’t explain the generosity and concern you have expressed toward a former ball player and his son.  I have had a few bad breaks over the last few years and I really had no hope left until I called B.A.T.  I understand I have to take my life one day at a time but I have tools now that I can use to help keep me focused and get my life on track.  I understand now what life is all about and that is leading a good example for my son to follow and helping other people when in need.  That truly makes happiness.  My goal someday is to help a former or current player and his family in times of need.  That is how I feel I can pay back MLB and B.A.T. for everything they have done for me, as well as, keeping myself sober and a productive citizen.  Thank you again!


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B.A.T. visits with the Chicago Cubs & Colorado Rockies!

The Spring Training tour continues as B.A.T. takes a visit to the Chicago Cubs & Colorado Rockies camps.  B.A.T. Grant Recipient Timmy McLoughlin shares his experience!

cubs 5

Timmy McLoughlin taking a selfie in the Chicago Cubs clubhouse

Today was a bounce back day and we swept a doubleheader. The Cubbies were in the morning and there’s just something endearing about the franchise, great looking uniforms. Skipper Rick Renteria was great and had wonderful energy, a great smile and so warm with his greeting to me.  I felt like long lost friends reuniting. He gave us an excellent intro. Before the talk, I tracked down Ryan Roberts, last Spring Joe Garagiola asked me to say hello to Ryan for him and we had a great conversation.  Jason Hammel who was with the Orioles last year also said hello which was nice. We didn’t get to hang out too long afterwards as we had to get to Salt River Fields to see the Rockies but Randy Winn, Bob Watson, Laurel Prieb and myself were on today and it was a good presentation.  The players and staff were very receptive.

I looked forward to the Rockies as much or more then any other team. The talk I gave to the Rockies was one, if not the best I have given. I had reunited with Blake and Walt Weiss before hand and had tears in my eyes, sweat on my brow and a warm glow in my heart. Baseball is truly a family, at all levels.  LaTroy Hawkins who I met last spring stepped up and chipped in with a great talk. Justin Morneau was in Florida last year and we had a great chat. Perhaps the most wonderful moment was after we were done Brooks Brown came up to me, he was with the Pirates last Spring, and told me I made a huge impact and the day I spoke to the Pirates he quit using spit tobacco, cold turkey. He thanked me and once again I had to fight off the tears as I am doing now, a handful of players quit after last spring and I feel blessed to be a part of that, no one should have to go through what I have gone through.

rockies 3

B.A.T. President Randy Winn speaking to the Rockies


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B.A.T. visits with the Seattle Mariners & Milwaukee Brewers

The B.A.T. Spring Training Tour continues!  Grant Recipient Timothy McLoughlin visited with the Seattle Mariners & Milwaukee Brewers along with Bob Watson, Randy Winn and Laurel Prieb. Timmy shared his story below.

Timmy & Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano & BAT Grant Recipient Timmy McLoughlin

Today it was raining in Arizona and we were scheduled tightly to speak to the Mariners then the Brewers. Highlight of the Mariners visit was John Buck, former Mets catcher who presented me with a Mets shirt and hat last Spring, and having a great conversation. John really wanted to stay in New York and is a funny guy who loves the game. I did get to talk to James Jones beforehand, a Telecom HS grad and on the 40 man roster in Big League camp for the first time (2 lockers from Cano). James and I talked about The Dust Bowl, fighting with the soccer players at the Parade Grounds and sandlot baseball. I wish him nothing but good luck and a long career.

We flew across town to the Brewers and that was an even better session then with the Mariners which was excellent. Randy Winn played baseball and basketball at Santa Clara, teammates and still tight friends with Steve Nash. Brewers manager Ron Roenicke introduced us and out of the blue asked Randy if he had hit a half court shot at a L.A. Clippers game a few years back. Randy was laughing and explained how he was talked into taking the shot for a car, swished it and his Mom was still driving it. All the Brew Crew, from the GM, trainers, coaches and players were receptive and nice people. Ryan Braun has huge vice grip hands and had some kind and inspirational words for me when we ended. Bob Watson was with us & delivered some thoughts about BAT and it’s mission. Bob had a great career and has held many MLB hats since his retirement as a player. This is his 39th Spring Training! Tomorrow is another twin-bill, Angels first followed by the Giants, 2 teams that have a few players I’d like to meet.

Lyle Overbay, Randy Winn, Ryan Braun & Rickie Weeks during B.A.T.'s meeting with the Brewers.

Lyle Overbay, Randy Winn, Ryan Braun & Rickie Weeks during B.A.T.’s meeting with the Brewers.

B.A.T. visits the Reds & Dodgers during Spring Training!

The B.A.T. Spring Training Tour continues!  Grant Recipient Timothy McLoughlin visited with the Cincinnati Reds & the Los Angeles Dodgers and shared his story.


We had a doubleheader yesterday with the Reds and the Dodgers. One amazing day. The Reds 3rd base coach Steve Smith was my manager for 2 seasons, the best 2. We met up in the coaches room, hugged it out and had a fantastic conversation, what memories. We figured out I pitched against Reds manager Bryan Price in the California League when Smitty was my skipper and Jay Bell the bench coach too.  The Reds are a first class organization and treated us like family.

Next up was the Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda was in the cafeteria eating as we walked in, Don Mattingly greeted us at the clubhouse, very cool. The team has so many big names it’s hard to start.   Ran into another player I faced and had some box scores that showed me striking him out a bunch of times, Mark McGwire. He thanked me for the inspiring talk and then we chatted it up for 15 minutes about the players we played with, against and all the talent in the California League in 1985, funny how I had just been talking to the Reds about the same season. There were a contingent of old time Dodger coaches in the room that made it special.  As I was passing out our flyers going from one All Star to another it was ridiculous.  Talking to Donnie Ballgame before and after was thrilling. What a day!


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B.A.T. Spring Training – Cleveland Indians

B.A.T. Spring Training is underway!  Check out Timmy McLoughlin’s experience with the Cleveland Indians.


Yesterday was the first stop on the B.A.T trip and it went fantastic. Nick Swisher made my day, week and month, what a great guy he was cracking me up, he is so, well so Nick Swisher, wow.  Jeff Francoeur was just great too!  Swish sends a shout out to all the NY fans and loved playing for the Yankees.

Terry Francona the Indians skipper got things started in the clubhouse by introducing Randy Winn,  the B.A.T. President. Randy explained the history of B.A.T. and explained some amazing numbers regarding the total number of recipients B.A.T. has helped and the amount of money that has been donated. Randy mentioned that all recipients are confidential therefore B.A.T. is baseball’s best kept secret. Randy said that unless someone like me comes forward to share their story only those directly involved would know what is happening, I got a very nice intro from Randy.  Looking at the boys from Cleveland paying close attention gave me the boost to give a pretty good talk after a deep breath. There were a few light moments that we all were laughing at and I felt great to be able to help B.A.T. by sharing my life changing experiences.   B.A.T. has been so kind to provide for me. You can’t make this stuff up.  B.A.T. has warmed my insides by opening the Baseball Family doors for me. After the presentation we wrapped things up with handshakes, hugs and comments from the players. Today is a huge day, the Cincinnati Reds followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers.



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Thank You Thursday 2-20-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to your courtesy of a former Minor League Player.


Oh my goodness you have no idea how this feels right now knowing that B.A.T. is going to help us!  My wife was crying and my kids were in the car with her celebrating.

Thanks is all I have right now but someday I will give back!!!!! Please tell the committee Thank you!

God Bless you for not giving up!!

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Thank You Thursday 2-13-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to your courtesy of a spouse of a former Minor League Player.

heart thank you

Dear B.A.T.,

I need to repeat my thank you’s.  I don’t know if you all really understand how much you have saved us.  You have saved us from living on the streets.  I give thanks everyday.  We have been blessed with such wonderful and caring people, the B.A.T. family.  Bless all of you with goodness and favor.

Thank you again!

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Thank You Thursday 2.6.2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to your courtesy of a widow of a former Negro League Player.


Dear B.A.T.,

I pray that this New Year will bring you all happiness, joy and good health.  My health is fair, still living at the doctors office (smile) but it could be worse.  I can still do things for myself, thank God for that.  I thank you all for all you do for me and bless all of you.  I love you all!

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Inside B.A.T. with Molly Harris

Molly Harris Headshot

I volunteered to join the Baseball Assistance Team Dinner Committee when MLB’s Special Events department hired me full-time in the summer of 2013. I had worked as an intern and part-time for Major League Baseball for a year and a half prior. I had always heard about the kinds of services B.A.T. helps provide and it is truly inspiring. To be a part of this Committee that I have always heard so much about has been a great experience because everything they do is for the good of others.

I feel honored that I am able to be part of this Committee and especially so as my first B.A.T. dinner will be the very special 25th anniversary of such an outstanding organization. Working in special events in the sports industry has been a longtime dream of mine. To be able to work on this extraordinary event which singular purpose is to help others in the baseball family, is extremely humbling and I am looking forward to all of the good things to come from the B.A.T. group.

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