B.A.T. attends the Eastern League All-Star Game

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Peoples Natural Gas Field – Home of the Altoona Curve

B.A.T. Administrator, Michelle Fucich attended the Eastern League All-Star game in Altoona, PA on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014.  Enjoy the summary of her experience below!

I arrived in Altoona, PA on Tuesday, July 15th, 2014.  I got settled in at the Courtyard Marriott and began to prepare for the All-Star festivities.  I headed to Peoples Natural Gas Field, home of the Altoona Curve that evening.  Once I arrived at the ballpark, I was greeted by General Manager, Rob Egan and Special Events & All-Star Game Coordinator, Emily Rosencrants.  They directed me to the on field check presentation where the Altoona Curve Booster Club donated $1,000 to B.A.T. in honor of grant recipient Tike Redman.  It was a great honor to be a part of this presentation.  Right after the presentation, I took my seat and enjoyed the Hereos Softball Game.  After the game, I proceeded down to the locker room to present to the players and explain the mission of B.A.T.  One of the players was even wearing a B.A.T. t-shirt but I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture!  I wished the men good luck and headed back up to the stadium to watch the Ghostmen Hitting Challenge which was fun and exciting.  The ballpark had an amazing atmosphere and the fans were excited to be there!

The next morning I attended the Eastern League meetings and was given the opportunity to speak to all the GM’s and their staff.   After the meeting, I attended the excursion to DelGrosso’s Amusement park set up by Altoona Curve.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the staff of the Erie Seawolves.  What a great group of people!  We enjoyed our day together – full of laughs and excitement.  After the excursion, the staff of the Erie Seawolves and myself headed to the ballpark for the All-Star Game.

As for the game, the players did not disappoint!  The West All-Stars won the game 5-2.  Erie Seawolves Steven Moya was presented with the Eastern League All-Star Game MVP honors – very cool!  My tweet even made it up on the big screen.  After the game, we enjoyed the postgame fireworks in the outfield.

In closing, most were learning about B.A.T. for the first time.  It was my pleasure to be able to explain B.A.T. in detail to the Baseball Family.  I had a great time and such a memorable experience in Altoona, PA.

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Heroes Softball Game

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The Erie Seawolves staff & myself

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Eastern League All-Star official game ball, program & ticket!

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Postgame Fireworks in the outfield

Stepping up to BAT with Frank Catalanotto


  1. How did you first hear about B.A.T.?

I heard about the organization when I was still in the Majors. The B.A.T. representatives would come to Spring Training and speak to the teams along with a grant recipient. It was a really good presentation and we would look forward to hearing from them and some stories about the work they’ve done.

  1. Why do you believe in B.A.T.? Why do you support B.A.T.?

I support B.A.T. because it is important. The program helps out a lot of people in need in the baseball family. People come to unfortunate situations and they need help and the Baseball Assistance Team always seems to find the most deserving candidates to help – and I’m all for that!

  1. Would you consider the baseball community a family? Why?

The baseball community is a family because everyone in baseball understands what other guys in the baseball family are going through. The guys that are still playing, played in the past, their wives and children and families, they all understand what it takes to play in the Major Leagues. We care about each and every one that has been part of our baseball family.

  1. Do you know anyone who B.A.T. has assisted? Have you recommended anyone in need to reach out to our team?

I don’t know anyone personally who has been assisted. However, I have heard stories from the dinners and presentations and I do know that the B.A.T. always finds the most deserving candidates that fall on terrible circumstances to help.

  1. Would you recommend B.A.T. to members of the baseball family in need?

I would definitely recommend B.A.T. to everyone in the baseball family because of all the good they do. B.A.T. helps change lives and it is nice to be able to help them change other people’s lives by supporting the organization on a yearly basis. 

Thank You Thursday 7-10-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a widow of a former Negro League player.

Thank-you (1)


Dear B.A.T.,

I am just writing to let you know that I am so grateful for the help you have given me. Today is my birthday! I am 78 years old and blessed. My caretaker/daughter-in-law are here to help me with my shopping and daily tasks. I try to stay active. I take care of myself the best I can.

I really just want you to know that I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I really can’t say what I would do without you. You helping me makes living a little easier so I am able to keep going. I just hope when my time comes around again, you will keep me in your hearts and mind.

Thank you again!


To make a contribution, please visit baseballassistanceteam.com.

Thank You Thursday 6-26-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a widow of a former umpire.



Dear B.A.T.,

Only God knows how grateful and thankful I am for your help.  I thank God daily for you and the help that you have provided for me.  Thank you for blessing me with your kindness.

Thank you!!


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B.A.T. attends the South Atlantic League All-Star Game


South Atlantic League All-Star Game – Tuesday June 17th, 2014

B.A.T. Director, Erik Nilsen attended the South Atlantic League All-Star game in Hickory, NC on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014. Enjoy the summary of his experience below!

I arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina at 8:00 am and was immediately greeted and picked up at the airport by Hickory Crawdads Intern, Jay Johnson. Jay, a current student at the University of North Carolina was very excited to be interning for the Crawdads this summer and liked being a general intern because he could get experience doing a number of things involved for a Minor League Baseball team.

After getting dropped off at the Crowne Plaza, I only had a couple of minutes to settle in before heading to the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon at the Crossing at Hollar Mill.  I sat at a table with 3 South Atlantic League All-Stars – Trey Mancini, Mike Yastrzemski & Kevin McGowan. Mike (Grandson of Carl Yastrzemski) & Trey are prospects of the Baltimore Orioles while Kevin plays for the New York Mets organization.  The 4 people that were inducted into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame were George Murphy, Luther Beaver, Charles Young & Randy Ingle. CLICK HERE to learn more about each member of the 2014 South Atlantic League Inductees.

At 3 pm, Eric Krupa, the South Atlantic League President was so kind to give B.A.T.  15 minutes to present to the South Atlantic League Team Presidents and GM’s. It was the first time that many of the GM’s actually heard about B.A.T. and they were so thankful and gracious to hear that there’s a safety net for full-time benefits eligible employees in Minor League Baseball.  After following up with each GM after the meetings, I’m happy to report that they all have passed along the B.A.T. flyer to their staff to further deliver the message.

As for the game, the players did not disappoint! The game actually ended in a 4-4 tie through 10 innings. They ended in 10 due to a pre-determined rule that the All-Star event wouldn’t go beyond 10 innings. CLICK HERE for a recap of the game.

In closing, I got to meet two additional players from the Pittsburgh Pirates organization on my way back to the airport. Both Reese McGuire and Eric Weiss learned about B.A.T. for the first time.

photo 1

All-Star Program & Ticket




Thank You Thursday 6-12-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a former Negro League player.


Dear B.A.T.,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health.  My wife and I would like to thank you for the help that you have extended to us for the past 6 months.  Thank you for accepting me as a member of the B.A.T. baseball family who are in need of medical and financial assistance.  I view your assistance as a gift from heaven itself.  Please continue to help members of the Baseball Family.

Thank you so very much for all that you have done!  

We will keep in touch with you to tell you how we are doing.

To make a contribution, please visit baseballassistanceteam.com.

Thank You Thursday 6-5-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a former Front Office employee.


Dear B.A.T.,

I would like to thank you and let you know that B.A.T. has helped changed my life.  B.A.T. has given me a chance to catch up on my bills and medical situation.  I have been seeing my doctors and constantly work on feeling better.  I would also like to thank you for helping me get my scooter.  It has been a big help.  It gets me around and also helps me get to the food store.  No more cabs for now, thank you very much.  I just need a part time job and that will be the final piece to the puzzle.

Thanks again!


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Now Batting – Kristina Howe


Hi Everyone! My name is Kristina Howe and I am the new intern here at B.A.T. for the summer of 2014. I am a rising senior at Boston College and I am studying both Economics and Communications. I play on the club lacrosse team at BC and I recently spent a semester abroad in New Zealand. Playing a sport in college and spending a semester abroad both taught me about finding a passion and pursuing it. Whether it be on the field or immersing myself in a foreign culture, I have learned that when you do what you love and find other people who love the same things, your passion can only grow.  I am hoping to join the Peace Corps or Jesuit Volunteer Corps for some time after graduation before beginning a more grounded career. I plan to pursue a future career that can incorporate my love for both sports and service at the same time – a goal that is already unfolding here working for B.A.T.

Even though I am from New York, I am a Boston fan at heart and I love the Red Sox (my dad grew up in Boston so I’ve basically been a Red Sox fan since birth). I love baseball and the people and environment that surround the sport and I could not be more excited for the chance to work within the baseball community.

I feel so lucky to have been granted this opportunity to represent the B.A.T. charity this summer and I am looking forward to working with a great team for an amazing cause.

Thank You Thursday 5-22-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a former front office employee.


We want to say thank you for your generosity.  You are so helpful.  We are blessed and appreciative of our grant that was approved.  The surgery went well.  You have healed all my sadness!

Thank you for caring!

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Thank You Thursday 5-15-2014 Edition

This week’s edition of Thank You Thursday comes to you courtesy of a widow of a former Minor League Player.


Dear B.A.T.,

I’ve been busy after 10 years clearing my home and going through boxes.  I found some letters written to me way back when from B.A.T.  I don’t even remember at that time some of the nice things written and sent to me and it is amazing what this organization did for me and does for so many.  Of course I saved them all as a constant reminder and as encouragement to keep moving forward.  I am finally able to sort through things and organize it all.  It is amazing beyond words what B.A.T. did for me and my family.

I have my days but 99.00 of the time, I am doing really well and in no way would I have made it to this point of my life without the support and encouragement of people involved with this organization.

 I will always sing your praises.

 God Bless all involved.


To make a contribution, please visit baseballassistanceteam.com.


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